The 5 Best Men’s Wedding Dress Shoes for Grooms

We'll help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding.

Groomsman Gear - February 8, 2023 

The 5 Best Men's Wedding Dress Shoes for Grooms

You want to look amazing on your wedding day - from head to toe. But with so many types of wedding shoes for men, it can be tough to decide what is right for you. We’ve removed the guesswork for the groom when it comes to shoes and have put together the top footwear options for every husband-to-be. 

So if you want to get your marriage started on the right foot (and in the right shoes), keep reading to find your perfect pair. 

1. Oxfords 

Oxford shoes are a great fit for any groom. They’re the classic option, perfect for a black-tie affair or a casual garden ceremony. Not only do they go well with any wedding attire, but they can also be worn in the office or to future events.  

Don’t dress up often? You can probably pull them from the back of your closet years from now and they’ll still be just as stylish. 

Though they are the standard wedding shoes for men, Oxfords are anything but boring. They come in different materials and styles, allowing you to express your personality while keeping things classy. 

A shiny black Oxford goes well with a tuxedo or sleek black suit, while a brown pair is more casual. If you’re drawn to the timeless appeal of Oxfords but want something more unique, go for Monk Strap shoes, which are trendier alternatives.  

Oxford shoes are ultimately a straightforward option if you want your footwear choice to be easy and fashionable.

2. Loafers

Looking for comfortable mens wedding shoes that are still somewhat classy? Loafers are the shoe for you. These slip-ons lend a laid-back flair to semi-dressy attire.

Smooth leather finishes work well with full suits, while suede loafers go great with sports coats and blazers. However, you will want to avoid wearing loafers with a tuxedo. 

Another loafer rule is to always wear them with socks. Not only will this allow you to sport matching groomsmen socks, but it will also keep your feet much more comfortable throughout the wedding day. 

3. Boots   

No, we’re not talking about cowboy boots. We’re referring to Chelsea boots. These slim-fit boots go up to the ankle and come in leather or suede. 

Perhaps you’ve seen this footwear around the office or worn by trendsetters at your local coffee shop. But are boots appropriate for a wedding? 

While they are a trendier option, black or brown chelsea boots can be a sharp look for the groom and wedding party. If you go this route, just make sure that the tailored dress pants rest right below the top of the boot. Read more about styling Chelsea boots here.

This laceless, fashion-forward boot can be sported by a groom in a wedding that is casual to semi-formal.  

4. Sneakers 

Sneakers are a bold choice for a groom. Whether you go for a fitted Converse or pair of Jordan’s, wearing sneakers to a wedding will make a fun statement. 

If you’re a groom, you are allowed to make that statement. After all, it’s your wedding. Just make sure your suit is slim-cut and perfectly tailored.

Sneakers make for eye-catching groomsmen shoes. Plus it’s a groomsmen gift they can wear over and over again. 

But guests should avoid wearing sneakers to weddings. You want to show your respect to the couple and sneakers could send the wrong message. 

Sneakers are wedding shoes for men who are trendy, athletic, or just want to be comfortable. 

5. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes work great for casual warm-season weddings. Pair them with chinos and a sports coat for an easy-going look. 

We recommend a smooth leather finish in black, brown, or navy. This will look dressier than a suede or canvas boat shoe.

Some purists and critics say boat shoes belong exclusively on boats, but we like the look when it’s worn well. Just be sure to skip the socks and make sure the boat shoes are in tip-top shape as they can wear out quickly.

In Conclusion

There truly is a shoe for every groom. Just find something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. The perfect shoe will help you walk confidently down the aisle and then dance the night away in joyful bliss. 

Once you have your shoes picked out, the next step is to find dress socks that match. Shop our wide selection of colors and styles to find the perfect wedding socks: Groomsmen Socks

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